Sharp Precision Wheels

Branding, assets, e-commerce website and PPC for a World class wheel builder

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Sharp Wheels
About Sharp

A renowned craftsman

Ben Sharp has built wheels by hand for Tour De France winners and Olympic gold medalists, and so his craftsmanship is renowned amongst the professional cycling community.

Building around Ben’s talent

Collaborating to create thoughtful touches

Sharp Wheels needed to become a brand that could stand up against famous, top end, names such as Rapha. Brand assets such as printed labels and wheel ‘birth certificates’ were needed to further encourage a long term bond between the customer and maker. An accessible, easy to manage e-commerce website was required to showcase and sell Ben’s work.

The Impact

PPC to drive initial traffic

Huxley carried out necessary research in order to create a Google Ads campaign. Ben saw increased web visits and leads, which complimented his own in-house PR efforts.

The Impact