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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is key to giving you a good return on investment after your initial spend on a website or product launch.


Pay-Per-Click marketing is something we take seriously at Huxley, and as such we have PPC specialists who have been working in Paid online advertising alongside marketing and web teams, for their entire careers.


Search Engine Optimisation is only really optimal if the code is designed for accessibility. Our Digital Marketing team will increase organic traffic to compliment our solid technical foundations.


Conversion Rate Optimisation ensures your website visitors have an effortless experience in arriving at their desired goal. We use website performance data and UX design experience to guide our decisions and put real people first.

Can digital marketing be accessible and ethical?

Some clients like to use alternatives to Google PPC for ethical reasons. We also have lots of experience in other paid platforms that you might be more comfortable with.

Accessibility bleeds into everything we do. We will not use manipulative patterns or persuasive copy that could confuse and mislead certain users.  Read our ethical marketing policy.

Protecting someone’s privacy and not exploiting data is an important part of ethical marketing.

Ethical marketing is all very well as long as the product it is marketing is also ethical. We won’t work with businesses who don’t align with our values.

" It is critical to choose a diverse team who are easy to communicate with, flexible and really understand what you are trying to achieve. This is exactly what I found at Huxley, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. "

Ben Sharp, Sharp Precision wheels
owain from Lick

" Huxley told us what we needed to do to reach out to the decision makers we were searching for. Within months, we had far exceeded our expectations. "

Owain Williams, Lick Yogurt

Recent Digital Marketing projects


Fastnet - Internet Service Provider

Fastnet are the largest Internet Service Provider in Brighton. Their customers include Pet’s Corner and Picturehouse Cinemas, as well as thousands of other businesses of all sizes.

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Rialto Global

Rialto Global conceived the World’s first exporting one-stop-shop for business looking to search, ship and pay all via one online hub.

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