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Open Source Technologies

We aim to use technologies that are open-source, interoperable (allowing them to scale easily), accessible, and sustainable. We specialise in web development using frameworks such as Wordpress, Laravel, Shopify and Craft.

Collaboration and Discovery

We always guide clients through a discovery phase that precedes our design work. Here, we will collaborate to create an ‘empathy map’ and nail down relevant ‘user journeys’ - these buzz words basically mean we’ll all confirm what the site needs to achieve, and for whom, before we start wireframing and building anything.

User-Centric Processes

Nothing can really be called inclusive if you haven’t tested the product at various stages with a diverse pool of users, collected the data and made amendments to the design as a result. Huxley has an exclusive pool of testing candidates that can match your user demographic.

Websites that respect your users

Universal design is the design of buildings, products or environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or other factors.

Websites that respect this principle should just work. Universal design ensures a UX that is intuitive and software that is invisible, receding into the background of your life and letting you focus on what you need to do.

With this principle as our design inspiration, Huxley are able to create websites that perform better, convert more business, run faster and are easier to use. Read how here.

Sign at the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Offices

" Huxley is a well-managed and structured team, with the added benefit of being able to keep all aspects from planning and design to building the website, in house. A professional yet friendly approach made Huxley a pleasure to work with and a positive experience throughout. "

Jennifer Smith, Kent County Council

" Fantastic service and a website that far exceeded expectations. Highly recommended! "

Alastair Badman, Workhorse

Recent Web Development & Design projects

The DVLPS team

Darent Valley - Kent Downs AONB

We designed and built a website that communicated the importance of the valley, in order to aid it’s preservation long term. The DVLPS is part of a Kent Downs AONB project.

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Sharp Wheels - Cyclist riding downhill in purple and greyscale brand colours, with a

Sharp Precision Wheels

Sharp Precision Wheels are one of the World’s leading road bike wheel makers. Customers include Tour De France winners and Olympic Gold Medalists.

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