Design that Delights

Good design works invisibly and intuitively for all.  Our work considers the needs of real people at all stages, so it communicates efficiently to 100% of the people it reaches.


We know how to design for the web and understand the constraints posed by different devices and screens, so we are able to create delightful experiences for your users. We also understand the technical variables of colour and contrast on a screen and how they affect communication with people with varying needs.


Award winning brand-design by Huxley has ranged from improvement of existing logos and design schemes for use online, to to the creation of full brand identities. We will never proceed without a considered and collaborative discovery phase that ensure the DNA of your business comes through in its brand identity.


We are skilled at communicating on tangible surfaces, as well as through the screen, and have proven experience creating engaging and accessible designs for booklets, posters, business cards and creative literature for print on a variety of media. Download our creative design presentation to see examples of our work.

What Ethical Design means for you

Our focus is on Human-Centered Design as a framework for working, as well as a mindset. This means we involve the real people you serve early and continuously in our processes.  Our work considers the needs of every single person that will see it and it we intend it to be accessible to all.

Our design respects your time and effort. We ensure it is accommodating in its visual communication; not arrogant or demanding, and we are aware that different people may be distracted or differently-abled.  Ethical design considers those needs.

Sustainability is a key component of our ethical design processes.  Just as digital design should create sustainable digital resources, we ensure our print partners are ethical suppliers, encouraging the use of paper products made responsibly from natural resources, and actively promoting sustainable practices that positively impact the environment.

Brother Logo and banner with various small photos (abstract)

" Huxley are always able to deliver a final product that far exceeds expectations. "

Bailey Rosser, Vertical Networks

" It is critical to choose a diverse team who are easy to communicate with, flexible and really understand what you are trying to achieve. This is exactly what I found at Huxley, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. "

Ben Sharp, Sharp Precision wheels

Some of our recent Design Projects

Selection of print assets created for Lick, including tubs, brochures, boxes and various page inserts

Lick Frozen Yogurt

Tom and Fred from Huxley spearheaded Creative at Lick, and started to form the brand’s identity alongside the founders over the course of a decade.

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Sketch during logo design process for Sharp, alongside various designed and printed assets including business cards, tags, booklets and certificate.

Sharp Precision Wheels

Sharp Wheels needed to become a brand that could stand up against famous, top end, names such as Raffa. Brand assets such as printed labels and wheel ‘birth certificates’ were needed to further encourage a long term bond between the customer and maker.

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