Business Networking


Very non committal business networking in a pub on payday.

We’ve been to dozens of business networking events and felt there was room for something a bit less… networky. Well – free pizza in a pub on payday lunchtime should do it. 

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Why hello networking?

  1. There are stats here which sell networking in general very well. Take a look.
  2. Our networking event is accessible and free - so nobody needs to miss out.
  3. Shy people, don’t worry. There’s ways you can contribute without having to socialise.
  4. No BNI style rubbish or weird rules. Come along and be yourself.
  5. It’s free.
Sketch of the Accessibility icon (man in circle) - sketch in black pen
Sketch of a slice of pizza (in black pen) Sketch of a slice of pizza with the crust on the left (in black pen) Sketch of whole pizza (in black pen)

Things that happen at hello

We say hello

We’ll make sure you’re all ok, and take 5 minutes to say hello and greet you. Sometimes there’ll be a guest who speaks for 10 minutes. We’ll hand out ‘hello’ pin badges so people know you’re approachable.

Leave a (business) tip

Each event will have a loose theme to inspire conversations, and for people to contribute tips around. Write your tip down on one of our cards and hand it to us. All tips are printed in the local paper, published on our website and emailed to the Mailchimp group.

Hello photo frame

Take a photo of yourself in the hello photo frame, if you want. We’ll post them all on Facebook the day after. The one with the most likes after 1 week wins a special prize.

Free listing for all businesses

We're adding every business we meet to a database which you can update with your business USP’s. Good for SEO!

Free food and drink

We'll put some pizza out, and there’ll be tea and coffee too. All dietary requirements will be catered for. Don’t go mad on the gluten free pizza if you can eat a different pizza, yeah? If you want booze, it’s at a pub so it’s all very straightforward.

Sketched portrait of Tom Lavis from Huxley

Speak to Chelsey if you have any questions or would like to get involved. Call 01903 896624, email or LinkedIn.