About us

Huxley make websites that are easy to use, accessible, and tested by real people. Just how humans like it.

Huxley design and build websites that can be used and enjoyed by 100% of the population, regardless of environmental, physical or cognitive accessibility issues. This results in well-designed, incredibly user-friendly websites that communicate perfectly, convert more sales, and encounter fewer issues over time.

The Huxley Digital Team in our Shoreham Studio

Dom and Tom started working together in 2017, two years after Dom founded Huxley and 21 years after they met at college.

Today, Huxley is a team of people with a diverse set of experiences and skills that allow us to deliver exceptional websites and marketing that can be used by everyone - with a focus on accessibility and community.

Key People

  • Dom Huxley Managing Director, Front-end Developer
  • Tom Lavis Director, Head of Communications
  • Jason Bradberry Senior Web Designer
  • Sam Light Senior Web Developer
  • Fred Le Barre Senior Designer
  • Kelly Jones Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Rob Penhallow Video Boss Sound Master
Portrait of Tom Lavis from Huxley

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