About us

We are a web design agency based in Brighton with a focus on accessibility, inclusion, and a human-first experience. We believe that the internet should be for everyone, regardless of physical, cognitive, environmental, and technological barriers.


The Huxley team at work - discussing projects around the central desks


As a team of problem-solvers, we are driven by a desire to invest as much as we can in causes that remove barriers and contribute to a more caring and inclusive world, both online and in our own communities.

We seek to sustain that aim by:

  1. Nurturing a company culture that ensures all people are treated with equal care and respect.
  2. Investing time and profit to community causes that make a real difference to improving the lives of people in our community or promoting the protection and recovery of our natural environment.


We take pride in our work. We have made it our mission to ensure all our digital products not only comply with the latest global accessibility standards, but also go above and beyond in providing an equitable human experience.

We work for the greater good. Accessibility for all is our focus. We also commit to community projects, because giving back is what community is about.

We treat people how we want to be treated, and always pay it forward.

We’re reputable. We do what we say and have the evidence to prove it.

We’re dynamic and creative. We’re a small team made up of web professionals, sure. But we’re also musicians, artists, designers, and writers. It helps to have a versatile team on your side – creative people are creative problem solvers.

Key People

  • Jake Jeffries Creative Director
  • Elizabeth Ide Project Manager
  • Kristina Gander Office & Finance Manager
  • Jamie Lawton Head of Design
  • James Scott Head of Digital Marketing
  • Jon Mynette Head of Web
  • Joe Parker Lead Designer
  • Matthew Bagley Senior Web Developer
  • Vinoth Perumal Senior Web Developer