Laptop Station

Incremental sales increases for an online Laptop shop

A view inside Laptop Station's store in Eastbourne
Laptop Station
A Free Consultation

Discussing the issue with Kelly

Laptop Station took advantage of a free PPC consultation and audit with Kelly, our PPC specialist - something we always offer, to find out how we’d go about improving their current Google Ads campaigns.

Screenshot of a new Gaming PC's landing page Laptop Station website with revisions made by Huxley
Research and implementation

Keywords and trends

Much of the success of a PPC campaign is in the planning. We carry out keyword research, and look at trend forecasts. The advert copy and structure is created before talking it all through again with the client before putting the adverts live.


Making it easy for the client to keep track

Laptop Station have access to our dynamic report - which updates weekly. They can see the increasing impact of their refreshed PPC campaign growing week on week. Huxley react to live data to tweak or replace ads to further improve ROI.

  • 100% Increase in sales within first 3 months