Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme

Preserving an area of outstanding natural beauty for Kent Downs County Council

The Darent Valley and Kent Downs Team
Design & Branding
Web Development
Kent County Council
The Challenge

Raising awareness

The beautiful ‘Darent Valley’ is under threat due to its proximity to London’s increasingly built up population. Huxley were asked to design and build a website that communicated the importance of the valley, in order to aid it’s preservation long term. The DVLPS is part of a Kent Downs AONB project.

A view of the Darent Valley
A screenshot of a section of accessible projects from the DVLPS website, showing links to their projects
The Solution

An accessible website

By looking at user data, carrying out user testing, and adhering to accessibility standards, Huxley designed and built a website that could communicate clearly to all of it’s assumed demographics regardless of accessibility barriers. The WordPress platform offered the DVLPS admin a familiar Content Management System to work on.

The Impact

Accessibility & Inclusion

As well as our own accessibility auditing process, we worked in partnership with Kent County Council's own digital accessibility team in deeper review of the team. This helped us to improve our approach as a member of a wider team as well as further inform our own accessibility practices.

Visitors to the Darent Valley recording notes on a notepad
Huxley were approachable, creative and understand the importance of an inclusive Internet.
Jennifer Smith, Kent County Council

One Team

The team at DVLPS chose to work with us as we are a small and experienced team that would clearly be able to collaborate closely with theirs, which is of similar size. They understood that we had genuine compassion for their project as well as the expertise to fully understand the requirements of their project, and the flexibility to assist with content preparation.