How bad accessibility is ruining you e-store conversion rate

You may have had your e-shop or landing pages looked at by a specialist who can optimise them for you to convert higher, but many specialists will not be looking at the accessibility features. 

Poor website accessibility reduces your conversion, and not only because people with physical or cognitive disabilities find it harder to purchase something. The higher level of usability that comes with making a website more accessible means that your customers are more likely to buy from your e-store. 

Non-accessible e-stores have a lower conversion rate.

Here are three big reasons why.

Your SEO is worse 

This is one we always open with at networking events! Here’s the fact: Google reads your website the same way a ‘screen reader’ does (a screen reader is a piece of assistive technology that reads pages out to people who need verbal assistance). Therefore, if the website or shop is not built in a way that a screen reader can make sense of, Google won’t make sense of it either. Why is this important? Google will punish your website with a bad SEO score if it can not read the pages properly. Good accessibility = good SEO. 

If nobody sees your shop in Google, nobody’s going to buy from it.

Fewer people can use your website

If a website is hard or annoying to use, the visitor will close the page and never come back. Roughly 20% of people have a disability. If the website doesn’t address these – that’s a potential 20% of sales you’re turning away (not forgetting other accessibility issues such as environmental and technological). The value of the ‘Purple Pound’ is estimated at 212 billion pounds. 

Poor usability for everyone

‘Universal design’ means making things accessible for everyone. A web-store which follows accessibility protocols will mean every single customer benefits from a website that is easier to use, more effective, easier to find. All of this seriously improves your conversion rates. 

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