Here are 6 business benefits of an accessible website.

It’s rewarding when you can do something great for your business and for the World at the same time. Huxley specialise in improving accessibility online. Not only does it make for an inclusive Internet, but it improves business for our clients.

Here are 6 business benefits of having an ‘accessible’ website.

  1. Better Search Engine Optimisation: SEO dramatically improves if your HTML is structured in a way that allows screen readers to communicate effectively to people with impaired sight. Why? Google reads your web pages in the same way a screen reader does.
  2. Better communication means increased sales: A more accessible website heightens user experience for everyone, regardless of potential accessibility issues. Eg, making the colour contrast on your website work for people with impaired sight makes it much easier for everyone to digest the information. This results in increased leads or sales. 
  3. A website that works for users wherever they are: Accessibility issues don’t just relate to people with a disability. Environmental factors accounted for in accessible design can also make your website more effective for people ‘on the go’. Examples would be: in a library where volume has to be off, or in direct sunlight where contrast is an issue. 
  4. A competitive edge: Businesses who have accessible websites have an advantage over businesses who don’t. About 25% of the population are affected by accessibility issues, and will prefer using your website over others. It goes without saying that it will be easier for 100% of the population to use as a result. 
  5. Tested with real people: When you follow accessibility standards, you have to design and test for everyone. Putting a website through proper user testing at several stages in the design and build process, without exception, improves the usability of a website. Testing against official standards means checking over the code structure and content quality. Everything is done properly when it’s designed to be accessible. 
  6. The BEST marketing: Doing a ‘good thing’ is unarguably good anyway, of course, but reputationally – it’s fantastic for business. Shouting about your accessible website is great marketing, amazing content for award entries, and nice to speak about at networking events! 

In a nutshell.

An accessible website is good for your business, not only for the people visiting it. 

Has your website been built with accessibility standards in mind, or with accessibility in mind at all? Our blog post ‘how to check if your website is accessible in 10 seconds’ will open your eyes to the answer! Click on that blog title to open it.


For a free web accessibility audit, contact [email protected] or contact us via our form and ask! We have a waiting list, but tend to get it back within 2 weeks.