Design & Development

In-house capabilities: Web design, frontend and backend development, website maintenance, technical SEO

Example of design and development at Huxley Digital

We want to bring your ideas to life

Businesses who work with huxley benefit from from a team who can work with ambitious and creative briefs, offer contemporary design, and who build sites with a fast and slick user experience. Your website will be fully optimised for technical SEO, meaning that Google will recognise that your website is worthy of a good page ranking. We will plug your website into an easy to use content management system so you’re able to add and amend content.


In-house capabilities: Copywriting, social media strategy and management, content strategy, podcast production, SEO, PR, PPC setup and management,social media advertising

Marketing Idea from Huxley Digital

There are two types of Marketing

Things you can learn from Google, and things you can’t. Our experience is based upon working within businesses, learning as you go, experimenting, and collaborating with other talent. We now use this in conjunction with the stuff you can learn from Google to make sure businesses can reach their demographics, say the right things, increase revenue, and see exactly how that’s all happening on paper.


In-house capabilities: Planning, spreadsheets, Slack, tivo set-up, alexa pairing, tea chart making.

Example of digital consultancy provided by Huxley Digital

Because of everything we talk about above

We can offer a consultancy service for businesses who are in conception stages, looking to grow, or who simply want to have an experienced team to bounce ideas off and learn from. We’re sociable, friendly, and are happy to travel. Contact us now and find out if we can help.