5 Things Being a Summer Intern Taught Me

Hi! I’m Anna: Marketing Management with Psychology graduate and recent  Marketing with Consumer Psychology postgraduate student

You may know me from such gems as: Humans at Huxley: Meet Anna!, Disability Pride Month 101, Worthing and Beyond Summer Event 2021! With my internship coming to an end, I thought I would bring you some things I have learnt in my 8 weeks as “Creative Marketing Assistant”.

Website accessibility is more important than you think:

You would think most companies would make their websites accessible off the bat (like movie subtitles, the option should always be there if you need it) however most give it very little consideration. Which is very disappointing, so much so that I spent the first few weeks of my internship aiding in the development of a guide book on accessibility that companies MIGHT hand off to their marketing team to use. Website accessibility is extremely important and there are multiple websites to aid you in creating a more accessible website, such as WAVE. It makes the web more open to everybody from visible to invisible disabilities and even for those without disabilities (mobile websites are a form of accessible design).

Working from the office when most of your team is remote is fun!

Think about  it, You get to learn a new part of your city (morning commutes, anyone?) I got lost on my first day and spent a full 40 minutes looking for a Coop to grab my daily meal deal… But also you get to meet with team members you maybe wouldn’t interact with over Slack! Chats around the French press are the best part of being in an office and it may also land you some unexpected opportunities! Learning how to edit HTML and deleting Guttenberg code in WordPress has taught me about some of the nuances of website design that most people wouldn’t think about but make a huge difference in the universality of your website.(Shout out to Steven!)

Hootsuite needs an update:

As part of the marketing team most of my time is spent putting together social media posts for Worthing and Beyond (a side project of Huxley, supporting local art and creativity check it out here!), and I have a question for Hootsuite: Why? Why can I not just schedule a carousel post from my laptop without having to confirm it on my phone? If different social media platforms have different word limits why can’t you give me separate text boxes for each one? However I have to admit, I do love the scheduling calendar on Hootsuite more than anything else.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes!

Once I got over my fear of causing irreparable damage to Huxley’s reputation via their social media channels, I got a lot more confident in my abilities! Mistakes happen, sometimes Instagram themes get messed up as posts get reuploaded, but this can all be fixed. Just make sure to learn from these mistakes so you can write a blog about what you have learned in the end.

Event organisation is great fun:

The biggest project during my time as creative marketing assistant was aiding the marketing team in finalising the Summer Event 2021 (check out the recap here), talking with creatives and curating a social media theme to announce them was an amazing experience, I learnt so much about different social media platforms and effective marketing strategies, as well as about all the small details that go into planning an event (you can never have too many gazebos, and throwing sticks at the sky to prevent rain DOES work). It was also a great opportunity to learn about the amazing bunch of talented creatives and makers in Worthing!

In all seriousness, I have enjoyed my time with Huxley Digital very much! The team has been wonderful and kind, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to spend my summer internship with. They’re knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, which is extremely important for a company specialising in accessible web design.  And as my first official office job since the pandemic it was very interesting to learn how offices may function in the future, although I think the team at Huxley got it spot on!