True creativity in Worthing

This post has a local focus, but it is relevant to our work. It’s about inspiration, creativity, and the need for clarity of thought.
Last month, we were given a chance to visit Worthing Symphony Orchestra in their concert with Violin virtuoso, Jennifer Pike. They’re keen to promote their value to local culture, as are we – so I went along. 

The team at Huxley are all huge music fans – we play (on an entirely, entirely different plain to the subject musicians of this blog!), we listen, we pay to watch and we critique. That said, I know next to nothing about classical music!

I know I like to hear it, and I know I like to work to instrumental music, but the typical composers of choice in our office would include Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Plaid – Masters of making music with ones and zeros. I know about Elgar because he grew up around the area I grew up in and supported the same football team! Most of all, I know I had a good 30 years on most of the audience! Beyond that realisation on my arrival at the assembly hall, I didn’t know what to expect.

To cut straight to my summary: The orchestra is a treasure!

I’d had a long and busy day. My mind was overflowing and burned out towards the end of a busy week, but that was all ancient history within minutes of the opening strains.

You can expect individual artistry, mind-blowing precision, perfection in every single note played. To be in the presence of such attention to detail and dedication to perfection is inspiring whatever your field.  It was proof that music of quality will talk to you regardless of your usual personal taste.  

My evening in the audience has sent me into work the following day feeling invigorated and inspired and well as clear of mind and organised. The right music at the right time has a magical quality of nourishing the soul! My ears physically tingled at points, letting me know in no-uncertain-terms that this was what they were made to hear. I’d found their purpose and my brain has rewarded me with the sort of regular reboot we all need to succeed.

We’re very lucky to have Worthing Symphony Orchestra, it is a fully professional outfit, playing regularly in the town. In fact it’s the only professional orchestra in West Sussex and has nearly one hundred years of pedigree behind it.  It’s not an outfit you’d find in every town.

If that’s not enough to win you over, you should know that the man running the WSO show – Principal Conductor, John Gibbons is, like me and my old mate Elgar, a Wolves fan.  If that’s not testament to the character of an individual and his colleagues, I don’t know what is!

We feel that we’re part of a burgeoning creative scene in Worthing and we have a treasure amidst us in the WSO that needs to be enjoyed, let alone merely supported.  It’s your duty to at least sample it (and If you’re a student or under 18 it will only cost you a quid).

We talk about breathing new life into the companies we work with, I feel as though our community should be breathing new life into the audience of it’s own Symphony Orchestra.  Get involved.  Your work and your life will be better for it.