People who seem to work - number 3: Branding.

This is the third of our People Who Seem To Work interview series We have managed to scoop Dan Germain out of his fruit-pulp Jacuzzi for ten minutes to answer some questions. He was Head of Creative at Innocent Drinks. Now he works at Apple.


Briefly, your biography please.

I was born in Leeds in 1973. I helped my friends launch innocent in 1999 and that’s where I still work. (Editor’s note: He works at apple now).

Why are you good at what you do?

I think because I’ve been able to make it up as I go along; because I don’t really know what I’m doing, which means that interesting things happen; and because I have always been fortunate to work with really smart people.

What’s impressed you recently?

Reading about Lee Mavers, the strange genius who could have been the greatest rock’n’roll star ever but couldn’t really be arsed. The book is called “A secret Liverpool: in search of The La’s” by MW Macefield. I also loved watching a film called The Goob. And I am constantly impressed by people who can windsurf really well.

Tell us about a website.

I like Winesearcher. Whenever I read about a really interesting bottle of wine, I get excited and then look for it on Winesearcher. Then Winesearcher tells me that the wine costs £1000 so I don’t buy it.

Three branding tips, please.

#1. Have a story. People like stories. They are programmed to remember them. It also helps if it’s true.

#2. Make sure the people who work at your place believe in what your brand is trying to do, or else it won’t work very well.

#3. Don’t sweat about your logo too much. Some of the best brands/businesses have got really rubbish logos.

What ‘thing’ you experience you / use / see now, feels like the future?

Winesearcher. I bought an Amazon Echo, but it was so underwhelming that I sold it a week later on eBay.

You’ve been asked to write Jasper Carrot’s biography. What’s the title?

“Jasper Carrot: My Story.” Or maybe “Seeing In The Dark: The Jasper Carrot Story.” Or maybe something else.