People who seem to work - number 2: Illustrator.

Billy Mather is an illustrator who lives in Brighton. He is prolific, smart, and funny. Billy is also a stand up comedian (a good one).


Why are you an illustrator?

I just love to express myself visually, in a funny way if possible. Most of the work I do is really fun and I get to inject some of my personality into it.

Briefly, your biography please.

I studied Illustration at uni until 2009 when I moved to Brighton. It took me a while to get to the point where I could afford to live off my work, but I learned a lot along the way and met a lot of people who I now do lots of work for. In 2016 I was guest local illustrator at Brighton Illustration Fair.

Tell us about a website. 

Warner Bros

Three top tips for aspiring illustrators?

#1. Work.

#2. Work.

#3. Work.

Who are your biggest influences?

Luke Best. Pablo Picasso. Ben Shahn.

Favourite illustration in the whole World, please.

I don’t have a favourite, it’s impossible to choose, probably some of the animated stuff by Luke Best featured in Cowards. The Lilly Allen / Nicholas Witchell sketch is particularly brilliant.

What’s new in Brighton?

Definitely some more coffee shops and old jumper shops