People who seem to work - number 1: Designer.

This is the first in a series of interviews we have titled ‘People Who Seem To Work’. Each interviewee in the series does something different for a living. We have chosen them because they’re successful, because they are relevant, and because we think they will offer you something to think about, look at and learn from. We admire each of the people we have interviewed. Joby Barnard is a lovely chap. His website is found here. We thank him for taking the time to answer these questions.


Why are you a designer?

It’s the best vocation for the various things I can and want to do.
And it’s a practical way to apply your ideas to the real world, see them come alive in it, and hopefully make a living.

Very briefly, your biography please.

Born 1976, grew into a kind of man, no idea when will die.

Who do you admire?

Fiction writers mainly; Ian McEwan, Annie Proulx, Paul Auster among loads of others.
Anyone who reaches the point where they can literally do what they want creatively, and other people will fund them. They can just walk into rooms and people will throw money at their ideas. David Lynch is one. So’s Thom Yorke.
Seth Macfarlane is another. I also really admire Matt Berry, for obvious reasons. And Julia Davis.
And lastly, anyone who does a real job.

What is new?

I’ve just come back from Utrecht, in the Netherlands, with so many ideas.
Mainly that here in the UK, we’re getting a lot of things wrong. Did you know they have bins shaped a bit like basketball nets by the side of the road? The opening to the bin is massive so you can lob your rubbish in without getting off your bike. Brilliant.

Tell us about a website.

It’s like a flat book where there’s just one long glowing page of bullshit.

Three tips for aspiring designers?

#1. Draw it on paper first.

#2. Cultivate the habit of reading, but not just the design press. Read broadly on all kinds of subjects. It will enrich your practice beyond measure.

#3. Design lives somewhere between Art and Business. It’s not always easy, but try to care and learn about both equally.

Best thing that’s happened to you this week?

A whippet puppy called Clem. We’re going to raise him to be a very good boy.