What is a Content Management System, and why does my business need one?

A Content Management System (CMS) in its simplest form is a means for you to update and manage the content of your website. This content can include, to name but a few: Blog posts, Headlines, body text, images and (if you so dare) the layout and structure of your entire business’s digital presence! But wait, keep reading… Its not as scary as you might think.

So why do I need A Content Management System?

Ok, so you now have your nice new, shiny website and have spent many hours writing content ready to hand over to your web designer – because remember, “Content is king” – only for you to now realise you actually would prefer that paragraph to read a little differently.  Maybe you should just live with it for now,  as to change would mean spending more money on that “cocky” overpriced web designer chap, right?

Well, you already have two reasons to make sure you include a content management system as part of your website.

So now I know why, but how?

Well a CMS means you can, at your leisure, in your time, maybe even in your free-time, log into your website via an easy and intuitive interface, choose the desired area that needs changing and, well… change it! This may sound slap-dash but, in all honesty, if your web developer has done their job properly then it really can be that easy.  Remember you won’t necessarily feel 100% confident in how to do this the first time you’re shown.  You may feel you need to send the odd email to that overpriced web designer just to clarify if you can click here or there, but that’s ok. This is all perfectly acceptable and they should be happy to help.

Oh, and if they’re not you can call me at Huxley Digital and I’ll put the kettle on.

I think I get it but why does my business need one?

Save your business money

A Content Management System, put simply, will save your business money. This could be most noticeable in the short term for a Startup Business looking to lessen the initial development cost associated with populating their site with content. Or in the long term, for any business, by decreasing their reliance on external resource and labour.

Stay fresh and appealing to your audience.

New and exciting relevant content will be key to your business growth, and not only will your visitors and potential clients find it appealing and engaging, but hopefully (and more importantly) Google will love you for it. This will result in improved rankings and more potential conversions.

Plan your time more efficiently

Most CMS platforms will allow you to schedule your content population way in advance. So if, for instance, you have a member of your team working on several pieces of content, or maybe you have outsourced a couple of blog posts to a freelance writer. Well now you can bring it all together and publish that content when it best aligns with key events or business activity.  This will maximise its potential to reach the audiences you wish to target.

Allow your business to expand.

The right CMS for your business will be one that meets all of your requirements, but of course these might not all be apparent from day one.  This shouldn’t be an issue for a well maintained and supported Content Management System; You should be able to expand and develop your site further as your business grows. So with a CMS platform like WordPress that now powers about 24% of all websites on the web, you can probably expect it to be ahead of the curve.

Are you convinced yet on the benefits of a Content Management System for your website? Or maybe you’re now burdened by even more questions and doubts than before. In which case, why not give us a call:  01273 468 610.