PPC Basics #4 - Ad Extensions

In the fourth of our PPC Basic blog series, we look at Ad Extensions.

Ad extensions are just as they sound – additions to your ad that give the user more information, or drive them to take an action. They also have the added benefit of taking up more space on the search engine results page, which increases your CTR.

They don’t all show every time your ad does. Instead, Google decides which one(s) to show on each search they are eligible for. Clicks on extensions are charged in the same way as clicks on the headlines of your ads.

Extensions can be manual (you add them yourself) or automatic (Google Ads creates them based on details in your account). The different types of extension are:


Additional information that links to other pages of your website.

Manual & automatic

bakery for dogs



Relevant information about your business, such as USPs (unique selling points) or qualifications, or CTAs (call to action).

Manual & automatic

acme electronics


Structured Snippets

A list of ranges you offer. This could be prices of products, a list of brands you offer, styles or types of product, etc.

Manual & automatic

acme electronics tech


Call Extension

A link to your telephone number so users can call you directly from your ad. As you’d expect, this extension type does better on mobile devices, and there is the option to allow it to show just on mobiles.

Manual & automatic


Message Extension

Similar to call extensions, but the user can send you a message from your ad. Messages can be sent as texts to your mobile or as emails.

Manual & automatic



Linked to your Google Business listing, your business address appears alongside your ad and allows users to click into your listing on Google Maps.

Manual & automatic

icecream parlour



Displays a brief description and the price of your products.

Manual only



A link to the app store (Apple or Android) for your app

Manual only



Shows an offer currently running, such as a percentage or monetary discount

Manual only


Seller Ratings

Using third party reviews, your average rating is displayed out of 5 stars

Automatic only

shoe shop


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