How much should you automate your social media?

Using automation for your social media accounts can free up valuable time which can be spent undertaking other areas of your business which could otherwise get left behind or rushed due to the time consuming nature of social media networking.

Scheduling your Social Media posts.

Scheduling your posts and tweets and having them set out before you allows you to spot the errors and get creative.  By enabling automate posts and choosing the times that you share them, you are able to allow your audience to know when they can expect to hear from you therefore increasing their chances of actually seeing your posts. It is also a way of not overwhelming your audience as you are spreading out your updates intermittently.

It is also important to remember the goal of automation is to help you work more efficiently and effectively rather than cut out the work entirely.

Engagement is key.

Whilst automating when you can, it is vital to remain engaged; to many people the major charm of social media is that of a human presence and it is important to remember this when considering your target audience, or when assessing a particular situation. By taking the personal touch out of social media, the term ‘social’ no longer becomes relevant,  It is therefore important for your social media audience to know that there is a real person behind the accounts.

When using automated services we must understand when we should automate and when we should engage. Dependent on your social analytics you will be able to find a healthy balance of automating and engaging for your target audience. One such ratio was created by TA McCann and goes by the ‘5-3-2 rule of social media sharing.’  This rule goes on the premise that out of every 10 social media posts:

5 should be content curated from other sources relevant to your audience.

3 should be content created by you (that is not a sales pitch.).

2 should be personal or fun, non-work related content in order to humanise your business/brand.

Final Words.

Each social network is different in terms of audience; your automated posts must remember to cater to this. For example’ with Twitter, the message must remain short, clear and concise, whereas on Facebook, you can provide more information and images or videos. LinkedIn posts can maintain a more professional demeanour.

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